Usually, I think Ryan Hollins is an idiot and a tool. However, he did say something that I actually makes some sense actually on first take. He says that the six years should consider benching Ben Simmons in the fourth quarter and crunched on due to his black of force basic ability and his lack of a jumper outside of the paint. By far the worst free throw shirt actually plays. Any minutes on the team takes away the space for but we're and indeed to operate, so I think benching him in the crunch time is actually good.

Well, you know, that sounds good on the practical standpoint, on the outside looking in. Ryan Hollins should know that the continuity of the team and a game on what he has been effective doing during the course of the game and come crunch time. It depends on game time, score and situation. I mean, there are circumstances where if you're talking about a one point game versus eleven point game, there's a whole lot of other circumstances. But the guy has a lot of skill sets. I think that's right.

No. Spread the ball. Amazingly, cease. The court has great court vision. Why? Why? Yeah, sure, he has a jump shot, but he took to one against force. It went in, um, twenty such as and that one went in. So just tell me he's finally strange. People are taking more jump shots. And when he does, they go in. All you do is think one jump shots. He's unstoppable. And we could make it past the second round. So he needs to do No, don't venture in the fourth quarter. That's a dumb ass move.

Battle on SportsMe! How weird is this I actually agree with Ryan Hollin’s point about the Sixers considering benching Ben Simmons in the fourth quarter and in crunch time due to his lack of a jumper outside of the paint and his negative effect of floor spacing. Do y’all ag

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