Like LeBron said. About white bigot, this slave mint down. They're trying to use that. Youse are black fucking mod owners. Pieces of shit. One day, one day there's gonna be a black man owning their fail team and me. And what the fuck you gonna do? Which are going to do it in racist bastards, Which I'll want to call LeBron races. Fuck out!

Uh, you have taken one too many hits of that joint, my brother. Ah, slave mentality. These white slave mentality owners pay their fucking players millions of dollars a year to play a football game. Yes, racism still exists in this country. Yes, Kaepernick got blackballed by the league. They didn't let him back in. But to say that white NFL owners are fucking slave mentality. That's crossing a fucking line.

Battle on SportsMe! Fuck the old white owners I can’t wait for a black man to get up in there and own a team they already won’t let p diddy get one

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