Aren't. I just witnessed a very important back and forth for the sports community that needs to be expanded on Blake and Drunken Monkey going at it on being a curry fan versus a Golden State fan, which is part of a larger issue, which is that millennials like players and not teams, which as a millennial makes me feel like there's less loyalty. There's less love, and it's maur I like Who's Hot right now? Way in, which called

And you're right, Alex, and see what happens is, you know, in a modern day is that the players have transformed that because there's more. Individual is, um, there's no more emphasis on team team loyalty. Roster loyalty. Players move around so much, they established their own identity outside of the team. And so, yes, the millennial era is both fans, but it is also players. So, yes, that analyze the bigger challenge.

Yeah, we'll stick to sports because a millennial generation, I'm not goingto criticize entire generation. The millennial generation is, it is done. Good things, too, on social reform, there a little bit more, wear a little bit more form, which is good. It's progressively. But as far as the millennial sports fan goes, they're all in the shit. They're I mean, honestly, there's some that are legit, But I mean, for the most part, you got a lot of Blakes. I like this guy. And then when that guy's going, that team sucks. Still get on the next good guy with next good team.

Yeah, I got agreed to. That's the problem I have. Is these a lot of these? Millennials will never feel what it feels like to have a losing season. That's bullshit. You could be a fan of a play and follow a player. But when your roof for team you root for your team, players move around more. I get that, but the jump from team to team and talk shit. The people here that are loyal to the A team or to their town, that's unfair because you like state was. You're pressing that easy button every chance you get, so you should be running your mouth.

When I was a Kobe fan, the Lakers or garbage from Oh, Ford. Oh, wait, I've been a step fans into the Elite eight. Ronit Davidson his first four years in the league that Warriors were garbage. So the players I root for are not always on dominant teams and the NFL. Aaron Rodgers is my favorite player, but I would always root for the chief's even if they play the Packers because the Chiefs are my team getaneh NBA team in Missouri. I will cheer for that team even if they play Steph. I'm on Lee, this type of fan in the MBA, because there's no team in Missouri. Simple is that

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