I am sick and tired of teams. Excuse me of people on this app disrespecting the Bears. It is so obvious that besides the Saints, which the Saints, I think afore home, we beat them. If they're home, we lose. Besides, the Saints were easily the best team that I've seen. You know how I know? Because we've beaten them all. We've beaten the Viking, We've beaten the Ram, We've beaten the sea hard Get still People are saying that we lose all these teams to the playoffs. This is disrespect. We have the best defense in the NFL by far.

Yeah, I understand your team's having a good year, but sow down, sow down like it's not like this. This team right now has going to the playoffs multiple years in a row or has been to a couple NFC championship or even went to a Super Bowl in alternate like that, so they haven't done anything yet. They've had a good season so far, but having good seasons fall apart playoffs because the lack of experience, which this team has so especially the quarterback position. So I get it. They're having a good year, but settled now there now.

We got a problem. We got a problem. Houston, Are you kidding me? Disrespecting the Chicago Bears just because I think I like my Seahawks trains his over your bears has a funny man. So you saying that we're disrespecting your bears? Can't I say the same thing about you disrespecting my Seahawks? My Seahawks have done stuff before your bears having Sorry, but

I will say the Bears are the third best team in the NFC. Yes, I know you beat the Rams, but it was in Chicago. I believe if the Rams win this week, which they likely will, you would have to go on the road to beat the Rams. And I don't see you beating them twice, playing them on the road. I believe in your defense. I believe everybody in this at believes in your defense. It's your offense I do not believe in. I think in the postseason, thirteen points in the game, maybe enough to get it done against your Bears and the Rams will score that.

I think there's a question that Chicago's defense is arguably the best in the end, and in the playoffs, the Bears will go as far as that defense going. Take them. I think the one hang up a lot of people will probably have with affairs, though, is can Mitch troop? Is he be a postseason quarterback? I packed emits a breakout candidate this season, and it looks like he's delivered. This is his first time in the postseason and likely his opponents will all have quite a bit of playoff experience.

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