Zion Williamson will not be the most dominant player in the MBA. I'm sick of hearing that. I don't think he should even go number one. Listen, the guys have phenomenal athlete, but the thing is in college, he's so much more massive than everybody else. They're scared. They don't want to get in his way. But when you go to the MBA, you have Zion Williamson's all over the court. So if you take his size out of the equation, he's obviously an athletic scorer who plays decent defense. But he's not that special. He's not that, you know, he's not that great. He's a good player.

No, I've got to disagree with you here and you know I'm not a Duke fan by any means. But Zion will dominate in the MBA and has potential to be the best player on the MBA in the future. And I don't know what you're saying about how everyone else in the MPs his size only one other person weighs as much as I am in the N. B A. And that's Boban Marjanovic, who's seven three and science, six six and is on an athletic frequent that way. He could also spread the basketball around and is a monster on defense. I don't know why I said he's decent defense. He's a lock down defense offender. They could score from anywhere he has that

Dogs are not about to say the same thing. Hey, may not dominate in the beginning, but he definitely ain't gonna be no average play When it comes to the MBA, you're talking about sides, people saying sign. He's just biggest fucking LeBron. Tall is LeBron. He six seven, the Bryant six eight, and they weigh about the same thing. But he's a better defended in the Brian LeBron consume when he first came in the league. So that makes him even so. Zion has the answers. He can play defense better. O'Brien's better, but let's see what this boy could do.

I do think Zion will dominate eventually when he develops a midrange game and is able to hit an open three point shot. He's also got to stay healthy. However, let's not compare him to LeBron James. LeBron was a far better basketball player in his rookie year that Diane is right now, and it's just not fair to compare this kid to one of the goats of the game easily top two of all time. I argue he's number one. But however you feel about that, it's not fair to compares onto him. Let's give this kid a chance to play a minute in the MBA before we start talking about him and LeBron in the same sentence.

I agree pretty much little, Blake says. Other than the whole LeBron bullshit or whatever, like that, I disagree with completely one hundred percent. LeBron is not even my top ten, but that's just me personally. But as far as I am goes, he's size LeBron. I can pretty much do everything LeBron can. He's more athletic than LeBron. Um, he's got potential to be better than LeBron Honestly. So yeah, I think he could easily turn the cows around.

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