See this the bullshit. I'm talking about James Harden at the forty five point night to bring them back to a victory dance till seventh place in the West. Now on. Yes. Can we talk about all that? He might be back in for M v P running them. He's turning Houston back around. He's not even close to being in the top three for the M V P running. Yeah, he's doing some great things, but they're still in seventh place, barely. But ESPN needs to stop with this nostalgic bullshit.

Yes, it should put him back in the M v P discussion. I think he's a top three M v P candidate. I think I have him behind Johannes Anthony Davis. The Harden is slowly but surely climbing back up those standings in the M v P ranking. Mean Harden, still the leading scorer in the MBA by wide margin. Everything over thirty two points a game, which is crazy, and he's led the Rockets to eight other last nine wins. So they're back in the playoff race. Just remember, a couple weeks ago, they were in fourteenth. Now they're back up to set.

Yeah, He shot forty two percent. I mean, I don't know, man. James Harden is a great player, but I just, you know, And I know he shoots a lot of three. So that brings, you know, his feel overall field goal percentage down. But, you know, James Harden has only shot fifty percent in eight games this year. He shot under forty percent in seven games. His efficiency sucks. He traveled, He carries. I just don't think I don't think it's gonna happen. There's your firm.

It's not even twenty nineteen, and we're already talking about the M V P race. They're like seven guys. Echo in the M v P. Johannes Kawai, LeBron Anthony Davis, James Hardin, Kevin Durant, Steph Curry. Any of those guys could win it. It it's up for grabs. Let's talk about this in April, when the playoffs start.

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