Legs. Fans rule where we go It also kings sit sea legs Says why Keep more fucking mouth shut It's why I keep my mouth shut If you lost the King's Now give me that shit. The King's heir Good nor a stop. Stop! You know those two kings? Yeah, Who's hyped off one day? So, Murray Christmas, I guess.

That's what i was referring to when i said them bitches got swept by the magic. They go from being the warriors biggest threat. Tto lose into the king's all within about three days. Crazy how that shit works in him in.

So I'll go ahead and addresses since I'm just now seeing this. Um, as far as we go, we lost of a game winner and we're missing JaVale Rondo, alla bozo. And even if you want to include him, although he's not really a factor, Beasley, we lost off again winner, and we didn't have our starting center or starting small forward. Okay, Cool. We did just come back and beat him, though, so.

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