You know, I'm off sports me for a couple days for the holidays, and I come back and I see the most ridiculous fucking argument. We got several people on here that somehow think the Warriors are not tryingto win basketball games in the regular seat. And then we have others confirming this opinion by saying the regular season doesn't count. If you don't think these players are tryingto win every fucking game. And if you don't think every game count, you are a fucking moron. Thes players get paid millions of dollars to fucking win, not lose.

Yeah, Every game counts for the Jazz. Every game counts for the Trail Blazers. Every game counts for, you know, some other lower teams. But like teams like Golden State, the Raptor and all that, they're in all they got to get in and no win enough games just by accident. Teo, get in. Once they get in the playoffs, you crank it up and they do it. But they just got to get in. They're not going to sweat a Christmas Day loss, you know, I'm saying.

Would you say this Warriors team is better or worse than the seventy three in nineteen? I think everybody would say it's better yet they will never sniff seventy three wins again. Why? Because they're not trying this hard in the regular season, because all that's important is that they make the playoffs. Because once they make the playoffs, they will flip that on switch and nobody stands a chance if they were bit paid millions of dollars to win regular season games. And why do they sit out solely to rest, not injured, just solely to rest, because they don't give a fuck if they lose during the regular season.

Yes. Oh, yes. Oh, yes! Oh, user! And you know what is a true statement? Especially especially the MBA and Major League Baseball would see games that would So this once I have, like, eighty some games or whatever. She ridiculous games. Yes, those guys don't care about every single game. They don't get paid millions of dollars of playing regular season game. They get payment of dollars for winning championship for the city, the millions of dollars that thousand dollars get papers for the fans to come watch you on the regular season. But at the end of the day is the big cash count was the play.

Yeah, Jonah, it looks like you're probably so low Dolo on this one, because just as many others have said, they don't try and they're right now. I don't agree with little, Blake said about the Warriors team this year being better than the seventy three and nine team. That's ridiculous, that we could go back and forth on that. But, yeah, aside from that, no, they don't try every single game, not eighty two games out of a season that do they try. Basically, there's a reason why take a rest.

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