Chef. I see you dissing my boy Harden about his case of being envy if you want. His team is in seventh. What about Anthony Davis for the New Orleans pelicans? I mean, he's putting up great numbers. However. His team is fifteen and twenty, So would you have him in the M v P discussion? Davis is averaging over twenty eight points a game, almost thirteen rebounds a game, almost three blocks a game and almost two steals again, however, now the pelicans are in fourteenth in the Western Conference and last in their division. So what do you have to say about that hooch?

It's December twenty eight. Like there can't be any legitimate real talk of many. And V P right now is easing over like this season. I have over if December twenty eight. Ah.

Thank you, Chunk of monkey. And asked my whole point without the sauce. Boss Guide. Twenty, forty five points in the gang. Great. Now you're talking in VP. Anybody could go. M v P right now. It's too early to fucking town now. I even have two seasons over. That's what I was saying they were talking to earlier about the bull chip. Not just hard on anybody, but I expect the sauce wants to defend his boy. Okay? It's cool. Doesn't bother me at all. Like I said, Cut the nostalgic bullshit out. Let's see. I should play out.

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