I'm going to do, eh? Seventy five points at the Tennessee Titans beat the Indianapolis called Sunday Night Football. We know that Andrew Luck is turning. I know against the Tennessee Titans and Marcus Mariota is not playing, but I still think Derrick Henry is going to feast against this indie enough was run defense. We know India's defense said, improved over the years. They were supposed to be very bad, but they're much better. I think the Titans defense kids have done against Andrew Luck. So who's willing to do a seventy five point that with me?

I'll take that bet. Committed colts all day. Medicals. I think you caught me on do. I couldn't get on this post quick enough. Give me damn point. I will take the cold so

Yes, sauce, but you're on the culture of losing the night. Andrew Luck is to poised to lose the last game going into the playoffs.

Give me the Colts, I'll take it. I just believe in Andrew look a hell of a lot more than I believe in any player on Tennessee's roster, so give me them. Damn Colt should be an easy seventy five points.

Battle on SportsMe! Who’s willing to do a 75 point bet on the Sunday night game I have the Titans winning so who wants in on this action?

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