Call me crazy, but I think the New York Jets air going into Fox Bro and being the New England Patriots rookie quarterbacks have not won in Foxboro against Bill Belichick, their own ten. But that changes today. Sam darnold, that offense, clicking that large McGuire in the running game. Robbie Anderson, Chris Herndon stepping up on for the past catches and the Jets defense has been good at times, and I think they're going to get a little bit of pressure on Tom Brady. They walked up what's a lot. So I think the Jets went out right, and the Texans, who will get the number two seed?

Hoo. Yeah, I don't think that's working out. That's not working out.

Yeah. This post just did not age well.

Battle on SportsMe! My upset pick this week in the NFL is the Jets will win at the Patriots and a rookie quarterback will beat Belicheck in Foxborough for the first time.

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