I Let's say you're a coach of an N B. A team you have Ah, two choices. Yeah, eighty two games. You can play the first sixty games really hard. And though fifty in ten and then you can relax the next twenty two games Only worrying about maybe winning half of now, let me ask you this. Would you rather do that or relax at the beginning of the season and have to make up for lost games at the beginning of the season? At the end of the fucking season? Which one would you rather do?

No. See, Jonas is a problem. A lot of your arguments there, one extreme or the other. What these guys are trying to do is you have to understand The Golden State Warriors have played more games than ninety percent of the MBA over the last four years other than the Cleveland guys. So they go. They play longer. They're all seasons less. That wears on you more. More games. The trick is balance. Get the rest during the season while maintaining and winning games and still getting you're good enough.

I think it also depends on the schedule. I mean, you look at your schedule and you can see what you have. Those easy patches of game. So to speak home, you can kind of tailor who's gonna rest, How many minutes guys are going to play around that projecting how good or bad your opponents is means dangerous, this slippery slope any way you look at it, but I just think that's another thing that you get a corporation.

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