Well, good day to be a chief fan. My boy's been out there and did what they were supposed to do them Oakland Raiders. So we get home field advantage in the playoffs. We're gonna need our defense to show up to do anything. I have a feeling Andi, this should submit. My boy, Patty Mahomes is the MVP this year. I don't see any way you could not give him the M v P. The second guy in history to throw for five thousand fifty Tubbs. So hopefully mpp Mahomes. And hopefully he leads us to a Super Bowl So long as our defence can at least play average, let's go.

The way it's looking right now, I think you're going to face in Houston whenever you're all plague, and that game's actually gonna present a lot of mismatches kind in favour of Houston. It's really going to depend on the fields. Defense does show up pretty much like you stated. Houston presents a lot of problems. What Clowney both those guys right there, not really not really want to play around with. I think Houston's overrated, but I do think they're going to give you all a good game, so we'll see.

I still think it's funny that she the rough to Soo bought FC Still coast through to England. I don't care where you're playing O care ofyou Planet Can City East your bit? Baltimore, The world, the Rooster, New England Whether you're playing a Kansas City or night, let me tell you kids he's getting put out by wherever they play in the first game. So sorry. Until they do, they can.

Battle on SportsMe! My Chiefs did what they were suppose to do 💪🏻

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