Oh, yeah. Bitch is what I tell you. What did I say? We go into the playoffs? Did not say we didn't win the division, but I said we still will go to player the Rams. I don't say I'm going to the playoffs program. Okay, Remember, Remember? Remember? Remember? Remember. Remember. Remember, Durant is a lost. They're gonna lose protections. Remember, Remember, Remember you did a big shout out to my boy Matt Nagy. Delaware Boy University, Delaware. Former sissy eagles at Coach. You bitches.

Not on ly can. I can't believe that Philadelphia Eagles made the playoffs. I think Pittsburgh might squeak in, and I don't want to see Patriotsfirst. Pittsburgh is this Patriots team? Not talk often. Let's go Baltimore.

Yeah, man, I gotta tell you, man, I'm impressed with the Eagles. I mean, they were down and out a few weeks back. They pulled it together. And with the help of my bears, your Eagles in the playoffs. So honestly, you really shouldn't talk shit about my bears for at least a year do for at least a year because we got you into the playoffs.

First of all, from the bottom. My heart, you are welcome. I did not want to see those purple fuck heads in the playoffs. I don't want to whup their ass for a third fucking time. That was going to be annoying. But even though we got you in the playoffs, we are going to personally what your ass? And you're going to be out of the playoffs in no time. So it's almost better to not make the playoffs than to go into the playoffs and get absolutely embarrassed by the best defense in the NFL. Goodluck Man. But it's not going well.

Yes, sir. Let's go to Chicago and play those bands. Jabez So and I think we can be in it because none of them have playoff experience. We have a team full of playoff experience. He's been in the playoffs before. Bears have not sure they have home field, but I think playoff experience out ruled everything they will be and everything will be closed. So But thank you, Chicago. But now we got to go beat you and I think we will.

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