So, ladies and gentlemen, that the Steelers game, it's the Bangles poorly. Uh, Antonio Brown walked out during halftime saying is like her. So what do you don't think of this personally? I think it was a classic classless act. You should sit through it. Sure. I mean, your team won for Christ sake, and you could have watched the outcome of the Ravens Browns game. But you know, you want to be a warts and none so it's class act. May I want to know your opinion?

Stuart should actually release Antonio Brown. He is not a team player. That is an embarrassing act. It's very disrespectful towards the team. Doesn't put the team first. He always puts himself. I thought he could probably play through that injury, but he was a and bailed out on the team. Don't get me wrong, baby is very talented, one of the best in the game that we've had in the last decades. But the problem is, he's on the wrong side of thirty and he's not a team player. He should be released. And that's why I prefer DeAndre Hopkins over Antonio Brown. Enough, sir.

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