There's, your boy is chef, and i got a question for you. So veteran and the capitals have made it to the finals. Is this the year that they win the whole thing? Or they've had a good run, got this far, and it just kind of flopping. Lose, i think, is the year. I think they're going win no previous years, they fell short, especially to the penguin. So i think now, now is the time, do you think? Is there time where you think it's, just a end of the road for now?

I hope it's their time. Um, i've been following ovechkin for a long time. Back in the day. Our it was really heated between him, and crosby kind of cooled off a little bit, so it is kind of cool to see that he's, not a huge pigments fan. My family's from pittsburgh, uh, he's. Finally get his time, so hopefully they get it. He's, an animal, he can be at least well.

Ovechkin lays an egg he's going to be so happy and thrilled. He's going. Forget the fundamentals of the game of hockey, and before you know it, the ice, it won't even seem like isis going to be, like, slushy doing. I watched how he reacted, uh, post game, and i'm here to tell you, uh, it's, nice to arrive, but now can you stay alive? I think ovechkin goes no further than right here. I'd like to see him go further, though, but i don't see it.

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