Well, that wasn't what i had in mind. So, in a shocking twist of fate, let's talk about the penguins and asking the question they had been asked in two years. What would be wrong? There's just did not look like the same penguins team that won back to back stanley cups. I mean, the defense was sloppy. The goaltending was way in the capital's favor, and it caps had much more production from their depth. Players on the penguins did.

You hit the nail on the head with each and every one of your assessment there, but the one that i want to focus on his depth scoring. Crosby was having the best start to the playoffs in his entire postseason. Core rear jake. Denzel was having the best start to a playoffs since when gretzky's eighty nine season, which is remarkable. And yet, where was the rest the scoring coming from? When you're in the playoffs, you need scoring. Timely scoring from your other pieces were missing the big goals that guys like bonino and kunitz and colon on dh trevor daley scored in the years past.

Battle on SportsMe! And the Capitals somehow don’t suck against the Penguins. Pittsburgh...#WhatWentWrong #PensEliminated #NHLPlayoffs

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