Yes, expansion draft was there let's, be serious, it wouldn't have been fair if the golden knights got stuck with the crappiest employers, then the whole season would have been crappy for them. They didn't get the best pointers. They got decent players, but let's, be serious. It wasn't like they got stuck with crappy players. They didn't get stuck with stores. It was a fair expansion draft for me.

The whole idea that the nhl is rigged the physical nights is perhaps dollars conspiracy theory and all sports. Right now, i mean, the expansion drafts. Restrictions were loosened a little, tio ensure competitiveness, but this was beyond nhl's expectations. Job in march sales contract was probably going to be an albatross, sort of pampers to take william karlsson land. Six schools were exploding and mark country play was get replaced by matt murray, gold knights and take best players. But they took the right.

Yeah, this is not a conspiracy. This is not the nhl being rigged in the favor of the golden knights. This is a course correction from some pretty horrendous expansion drafts that preceded the golden knights won. The better question for me is, why haven't the rest of the g m's in the league done what george mcphee has done with this talent? Aa lot of these guys were cast offs, concerns to be not good enough, whether because of their contracts, whether because of their skill or talent, whatever it was, george mcphee has done a master lee job appointed.

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