So the stage is set for the nhl finals, who you're got, got the capitals and the lightning, and you've got the knights against the jets. I got the capital's taking tampa bay out in seven. I got the golden knights taking jets out six, and much as i love the sea, the capital's finally win one, i think, the golden knights and shock everybody. And when their first one, wouldn't it be amazing what sort of thing?

Well, i like the matchup that she got set in the cup. I'm just not a huge fan of your your winner there. I don't pick caps games anymore. I've kind of made that clear over the past three years. I've given up on that, but it would be really nice to see a parade in d c. I would really enjoy going toe a parade in d c. With that being said, the western conference does scary because both those teams do a lot of the good job of passing like they are freakishly good at making the right pass at the right time. So it's going to be a funnel?

I got lightning in six just because they're more experience. They have. They did the best in the regular season and look one of the best teams in the playoffs. Caps just have it had playoff success in recent years, and then i got golden knights in seven, and then i got lightning, winning the stanley cup finals in five games just because of experience talent. Wife golden knights already have had such a successful year. I just don't think.

So not that i'm biased or anything, but i've got the lightning going over the capitals five games on, and then i've got the meaning. Vegas in the stanley cup, vegas, a win in six, and then i've got tampa bay winning the stanley cup overall in six games, they've got superior depth, superior experience. They have been killed in a regular season, killing in the playoffs. They're gonna bring on their second stanley cup championship to the bay. Work belongs, so go bolts. I'm happy to be part of the thunder.

Uh, i'll take the capital's. I know ovechkin's on there. I know, like tampa bay lightning, but the other two teams don't. You know who they are, so i'll take capitals.

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