Second, round's over, and it means we're gonna have some new conference champions. So nashville between the national anthems and telling the opposing goalie, they suck. Now, it's, time for you guys to answer a question. What would wrong woman wrong for nashville has been the same cases. How many of their bail playoff runs gone? Pecker. Renee is in the consistency, and he was great in game six. But he's also been terrible points and clinking pulled three times in the cia.

Oh, man, am i going to be sad when the playoffs are over? First of all, because i love watching hockey, but second of all, because this serious of what went wrong is the best thing ever, and i'm gonna miss it. So what did go wrong? You're exactly right. They let in too many goals. They're the only team in the second round that made it into the second round to have allowed more goals in the playoffs. Then they scored, which is crazy because the they hoarded the second they scored the second most goals of any team in the western conference. In the playoffs, it's got to be peg arena.

And i hated for peca because he's, without a doubt, one of the top five goalies and league, and to see him struggle the way that he didn't. The siri's, it's, his it's. Just something that everyone see out of him. So i'm just getting the feeling now that peca is the western conference version of henrik lundquist, because when you think about it, both of those guys have not really had much postseason success. I mean, they both have a stanley cup final appearance to their name. But they haven't really gone deep any other years. So, thanks.

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