I'm not a huge, hardly fans forced divers, but i'm putting down for the night, and the hundred spread was sick over hundred, with six schools. If i would go over that's, asking for seven goals in hockey is pretty tough, too good goalies too deep for any good defensive teams. Someone back me up on this, i think that's, a logical bed, and i'm going go the night because they are a fantastic story, and i think they're gonna take this game will be a battle let's, get some opinions, someone.

Yeah, i got golden knights under six. Also, i actually kind of see the game being like a two one game golden night. So definitely golden knights under six.

Jeff full disclosure. I am posting this after the game has ended, so i have twenty twenty vision. Looking back at this game, conference finals are always tough to predict. Uh, you know, lockers into an emotion. A lot goes into it arrest, especially in game one, got to give jets the credit for coming out tonight. Not crazy for better on the nights they've been dominant, the whole playoffs this game, ones are always rough, and they're never telling of the serious. But, hey, you're in the hometown, so we'll talk soon.

I hope you want some money on hockey. I hope you took the celtics, because that was an easy one to, you know, i personally expected, you know, from from everything in me, the celtics, to pry when it but something in my gut, said cleveland was going, pull it out in a close ballgame. I never saw a blowout coming as faras hockey goes. God, i'm gonna tell you from one game to the next. I just cannot. I can't find a rhythm in the nhl.

Battle on SportsMe! Golden Knights v Jets and im going Knights and under 6!!! #NHLHotTake

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