This, your boy, is chef wishing a happy mother's dates. Everybody on here, they got mother's topic of the day is mike fisher, from the natural predators has retired yet again, my question is, is he going to stay retired, he's gonna come back again? That's. The question is he going to do with jordan and come back twice? Eyes this if official he's done hanging up the hockey stick and that's it. I mean, he wasn't bad this year, but is he done? For good? Is the question.

Yeah, i believe it this time. I mean, it was fun, so you might fisher back for at least a little while, but i think that the second time is going to be the last one. I mean, the only reason mike fisher would come back at all is if you were on championship team. But problem is, i don't think the predators had the resource is, or of a depth necessary toe win a championship. It's. A shame, because mike fisher was a consummate professional, deserves a championship, but it's just not gonna happen.

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