For you hockey fans last night, vegas just beat when the pigs, so they're up three to two. Do you think they take that siri's and the lightning and the capitals are, too, too? I still say it's gonna be the capital's against the golden knights from the ways looking to go. Two nights are going, capitals is still a toss up, but i think the capital's pull it off and go to the stanley cup, and i still say to go two nights when the whole thing, what you think.

All right, quick correction for you. The vegas cool nights are actually up three, one in the series. Um, in nhl playoff history, teams that go up three one in siri's are something like win seventy eight percent of those series. Looking at the conference finals, though, out of the forty two siri's that have gone three one on ly, one team has ever come back from that deficit was the new jersey devils, uh, late nineties, something like that? It's. The nights are for sure. Through, i still think the bulls, they're gonna pull it off. It's crazy that no home team has won this serious, but one teams get.

Battle on SportsMe! #golden knights up3-2 caps series tied who will make it at this point 👀👀👀👀

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