What top sports reverse we're partnering with, weak, with we live hockey, bringing you the top six nhl teams that have never won the stanley cup. Here we go. We got las vegas, obviously buffalo sabres, san jose sharks have never won the blues brothers that kentucky's the wild and the blue jackets. And i got a good one for you that i would never have guessed. The washington capitals highly relevant because

All right, jeff. Hard to put expansion teams, recent expansion teams of that into the top six best teams to never won the stanley cup. Vegas have only been around for a single season. How to can you include them, the columbus blue jackets? They never even won a playoff series. How about the minnesota wild? You know, the same. The same deal for me. I'm more interested in the sharks, the canucks and the capital's, that's crazy to me, that the capitals, with how good of teams they've had over the years. I have never won, especially how many presents reviews they want.

All right, there are a lot of teams that could make a top six list, but the number one team in the nhl never won. The stanley cup is easily the st louis blues. That team has been feeling pain since nineteen sixty seven. When they came in the league, i think they've only been to one final, and they lost, i believe, to the flyers, but we're talking like twenty years, twenty five years in a row, in the playoffs with no stanley cupped. That is a torture city that will be my number one. When i vote, you get to see the results when we lived at hockey.

Get a doctor's wouldn't leave because they got right. Ning, the blues, it's been the blues, baby. Hey, you're looking at off decades of justice, disappointment. Oh, yeah, this not there's a top pipe, and this is an ultimate warren and hits the blues. It's the blues, baby!

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