So back when vegas was assembling their team, considering all the talent they were able to get, and considering the fact that they got flurry, i was like they could. They could definitely make the playoffs. But who knew that they would be in the stanley cup final, just amazing stuff from the nights right there. So now the question is, will tampa or washington give him a tougher test? Personally, i think it's going to be tampa. I mean that if they're if they're bankers, could keep playing, the way they did in game five will definitely be tough. Vasilevskiy, he's proven himself worthy.

Because i watch golf along with the other events of, well, the softball. I just got rid of that. I've been, you know, peeking. Uh, hockey are just amazed. I mean, an expansion team, and we're already talking with we live hockey, you know, with the six most and i actually voted on my six out there as well, but unbelievable. The blues got to be feeling the blues is right about now. Vegas is in.

Battle on SportsMe! Vegas is through to the Final, but which East team will give the Knights a tougher test? #NHL #Knights #Capitals #Lightning

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