Says everybody on here knows to go two nights for that western side is our western champions. Question is who they're gonna play the lightning of the capital's. I still say the capital going pull it off like it was discussed in another post. He never did anything, so this is the year to do it. If you don't do it this year, it's a bus, so their pride never get here again. So i think it's gonna be the capital's against a golden knights.

Well, all i really know is a nostalgia. And since nineteen sixty, when they really started looking at expansions of all the pro leagues, everywhere, there's been only one expansion team to make it to the finals in their first year. And that was the st louis blues. And they've had to blues every sense because they didn't win that one, and they've never won one cents. The capitals, on the other hand, they've never won one. And they are probably sitting in a position where they're not going to win this year. I got the lightning win it, too.

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