Game seven will be played in the eastern conference finals. The captures pulled off a three o victory against tampa bay at home, their first home victory off the siri's and man oh, man, we've been saying it for a decade that this is our year. And now, in two thousand eighteen, for the first time in the ovechkin era, it finally feels like it might happen. My anxiety is through the roof roof for wednesday in the game ended thirty seconds ago. Pray for

Yeah, so i'm coming out of capitol one. I mean, just a stadium and everything cheering all happy and should not seen channel happy shit. I live in the maryland d c area, so i know just moved down and not too recently from new york, so i know. But yet, man, i said, it's gonna be the capital's against the golden knights. I've been saying that for the longest. Hopefully, it happens.

Man, i hope ovechkin does it. I love that dude, i think he's, always fun, but, you know, crossing he's always stolen his thunder. This year. He stole crosby's thunder, so i hope of that. She gets it, i think he's, fun to watch he's a hoot, and, uh, we'll see, so i'm excited. I'm decided to find out the results.

You know, double d. I'm painting right now because i never looked you in my top ten sports broadcasters on sports. Me, because you bring it fresh all the time. And you bring a lot of energy to the pregame stuff, the prediction and the post game stuff. And just, you know, a cz good, as any national talking head can do. And i can't believe i overlooked it as much as i look at all your stuff. So please accept my apology. And on the next go round, i won't make that.

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