So it became more clan, a parent, that the capitals in this thing to win it pretty great game last night, you know, capitals took out the lightning. Still, a lot of people on hit us capitals, they say, is, i think, over asking, wants this one day. I don't know, man. I think capitals are going to be the lightning game seven are the stars on line and that's. What is pointing, looking like can't throws golden night look like it's gonna happen?

Yeah, oh, vision is a people he's, a russian, pitbull, um, only problem. He's, always right into your is a bigger people, which was crossed with pittsburgh, but he's got it. He won this year against him. I don't think he's gonna let it go. He takes that blood, he's, he's, no rabbits, like in a relatively well, ragdoll. Plus, he has that all right. He likes to have fun like that he's cool vest.

The way we played last night was strikingly similar to that of games one and two. Vassal s. He look human for the lightning, and we were fast, aggressive, physical and executed on the opportunities we had in front of their net. We hadn't really done that the past three games. On top of that, we finally got a win at home, which we also had not done in the previous two home games. So i liked what i saw. If you carry this moment a minute, game seven, i think you're right. I think we see caps night.

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