The capitals actually just did it. They beat the lightning. I can't breathe right now. The capital is going to stanley cup finals. I think one of my testicles went inside my stomach when i was celebrating, but it is still a good ask day, and it is our year all caps, baby, all caps.

You know, congratulations to the caps. They haven't got past the penguins in a long time. They got past and they got past the lightning and its stamp coast. So helio, let's, go, ovechkin, let's, go, backstrom, you guys have had a hell of a game tonight. I've been waiting for these guys to get back there because ovechkin is probably top three in the league and he's been there for a while, so he deserves it. Let's, go cap.

Man, didn't you're yelling at us with all camps than that that's? What that means, it's all captured yelling, but, yeah, i love of it. You can always have, but he always has go gets crosby and the penguins he got passed in this year, and how right now has passed the lightning like the writing's on the wall of that she's going to get this? I hope so, that's, what i'm hoping for. I love that dude he's, so fun to watch, but see it's going to go.

Congratulations again, mr didden day, just so this post, i told you, told you, listen to the chef, listen to the chef. I said, the capital's gets going that told the capitals will pull it off the tampa bay and had no sauce. What a captain's ovechkin wants. Too bad it's been long waiting, long overdue. Congratulations, my brother, and, like i say, capital for witness. Women set vets get might retire after this is over.

Congrats, guy. A and aa. Much luck with that health care issue that you alluded to to, um, congratulations on the caps, getting there and hope you get well soon from your, uh, your conditions resulting from the game. Seven shutout.


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