So the stage is set. The golden knights gets the capitals, like i said before, the last, uh, serve the conference finals. Yes, i did miss a didn't date. Congratulations on campus, so give me props. I called it before the conference finals study side, go tonight's first capital's. So, with that being said, i say the capital's taking in seven. I like the golden knights, and their expansion team is a great accolade that they went, but it's a camp.

Well, give me my criticism, because i said the capital's would stink it up and they'd blow their opportunity by game six. I even went with the lightning, even after the capitals, you know, tied it up at at three games apiece. I still row with the lightning, expecting for there to still be some disappointment. Alex ovechkin. I didn't give him enough credit and his teammates for how badly they wanted it. Now, the golden knights and

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