So i'm browsing through the hash tags, and i come across this one ovechkin hall of famer. No, i mean, is this even a discussion now? Look, anyone who knows me knows i'm not the biggest ovechkin thin. My allegiance is with that dude right there, but you've got to give the due credit where credit is due. He's, one of the purest scores that the game has ever seen, and cup or no cup. How are you going to deny that due to chance that the hall

I was like an ak you death that was like in a jail. Let's, make the nhl relevant. Yeah, let's. Ask crazy questions, any and everybody even housewives can answer ovechkin hall of famer, huh? Just wanted a lot of questions. A lot of discussion, i guess, anything but a first ballot, when his time comes, would be blasphemy.

Battle on SportsMe! How this is even a topic of discussion is blasphemy #OvechkinHOFOrNo #Capitals #NHL

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