Sort of. Golden knights handed the capitals that the first game ass weapon, it's, close game, all gaming knights put it out in the last quarter over asking, was nowhere to be found, man, i don't know, what's going on because he wanted. You don't want to be happy to make your day. He got to do you do about it, give a scene my help. I said that the capitals and winning that it would be six now, say the capitals and seven but it's not looking good.

I told you my peace. I just like i told you, all you know, in this thing, i got the, uh, record setting amazing misfits of las vegas. The first year expansion squad went in this stanley cup. They may not win it, but for some reason, i just i see him, ovechkin melting in the siri's going ghost in this siri's, i told your lead early on.

Battle on SportsMe! # Capitals lose Ovechkin 👻👻👻👻 still got a shot though

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