So we posed the question to our followers. Got a massive response about whether or not the las vegas golden knights are a rig team for the stanley cup, which i think is absolutely ridiculous. While i do see that the draft expensive jeff had some affects the mid of work in their favor, i mean, there's, no other teams coming in with them. They got a franchise going from the start. You don't get to the stanley cup final. Just because you're ranked in the draft, they've earned this one hundred percent. They're a great team, the rolling four lives because they've got a team of fourth line players, and they're going to probably win the cup.

Well, it's, it's, absolutely insane. I mean, just because a gold knights are in the stanley cup playoffs sort. Our first season doesn't make it rigged at all. I mean, most of the spear ease that people are coming up with and a reason sport are just not making any sense to me. The supposed franchise goaltender we ended up getting was because he was on the bench for when the penguins repeated in the stanley cup, and the penguins also gave a night's a second round pick. I mean, i'm not biased, it's, just the truth.

That's. A crazy dialogue and an assumption or assertion. Whichever way they want to apply it. For anyone to say that there were a team, it was an expansion draft, a single team expansion. Draft teams left players out there available, and those players, as they call themselves, the band of misfits, came together with a good coaching staff. And at the end of the day, they perform their hats off to prove that they belonged in those key positions. And, true, they got a great goalie in the mix.

Were there aspects to this draft, this expansion draft that benefited the goal? Nice, yes. Was it raked? Hell, no, and you're absolutely absurd to say so. You know, it was bad for the league expansion teams that suck. You know who the last four expansion teams were in the nhl, the nashville predators, the atlanta thrashers, the columbus blue jackets in the minnesota wild. None of them won more than twenty eight games in their first season. And, in fact, the atlanta thrashers, only one fourteen. That is bad for business.

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