Guys, we are an hour away from game two of the golden knights versus capitals in stanley cup final. So here's, a question is gained. Two must win for the capitals about this play, game three and four will be back in washington. Washington's, four and five at home compared to vegas is six and two on the road. Not to mention washington has lost the first game at home in every series, and vegas has been under feet in syria's clinching games. The night's definitely have history on their side if they win tonight.

It's one hundred percent. A must win for us tonight. But at this point, every game is a must when we are so close to finally getting that stanley cup trophy, the one thing that is alluded, alex ovechkin, for his entire career, every game moving forward is a must when we had our chances in game one and the puck just didn't fall our way in crucial points of the game, every single game from here on out has to be a must win. That is a mentality they need to have.

Yeah, i agree with you, double d, you know, every game is a must win, but again, we saw what happened just using the mba. That's hockey is a lot different, but home home ice is like home court. You know, you, you home, serve at home, but man, why shouldn't go right back home, win two and now you're down the three game series. I preached that the whole time off the eastern conference finals in the nba. I think that could be the same thing here. We'll see what?

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