Your boy is shift, so holbein ovechkin showed out last night great saving grace, school, ball, vest, skin. They got to keep this up mass still saying gold, i mean, gold, a nice going take it this seven, but they play like this there's. Some hope for the capitals. Thank god over asking from showed up where you been. It. I've been a little bit better now, but we now have two fours yet, but we got a better change.

Do you know ovechkin's, my favorite player? Missing teeth and holidays are give a ship you have now or eight a love that dude. I hope he was hoping he was playing like that. He has failed in multiple siri's before this hopefully he's, he's, hungry he's matured enough he's going to do it that's. Why it becomes a mediator, uh, like that do.

Man, that save hope he made last night was absolutely bonkers, one of the best pure saves in franchise history and contextually the best safe in franchise history. On top of that, not all into the capitals play. Whoa! As a team, they did it for a majority of the game without a beginning. Whose net? So, which i thought was huge. I would say you want a guy like him on the ice, but the ability to step up on one of your best players isn't. There was crucial for this team. I like where we're going moving forward.

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