Yes, that save by whole b was truly amazing, easily save of the year. In my opinion, obviously, vascular skis behind the back say it was un riel, but this takes it to a whole new level. This was obviously a situational save where capitals were up by one, one with two minutes remaining game to they had to tie up the series, which they were able to do because of that safe. He saved the day for them that was unreliable, seen goalies get their sticks on deflected, but not the line. Did he get stick on it, but he also froze the puck at the same time so they could not get a rebound. Amazing safe.

Yeah, i think you could get away with calling it just because of what you said, the situation, time and situation, and in that situation, you know, he was able and were they not? I might be wrong. Weren't they still in a power play, or did they just come out of it, but either way, you just said it froze the puck. It was an open net reverse. Basically, he had to reverse his pivot, lay it down, smother it. Amazing.

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