Yes, ovechkin was finally able to get that stanley cup finals goal that he had been dreaming of his entire career through all the hard work, perseverance, he's finally gotten here and lead this team to the finals, and they've looked great as an entire team, along with him. He's played phenomenal throughout the entire playoffs, and if he can help, help this team continue to play well, now that the series is tied up one to one going into washington, you could see some more goals from him. I'd love to see, because i'm sure reading for him and the hard fought career, he's had to get to this point.

Well, my question to you, park it done. I'll be listening out the next time you put some capital post out there. This is get the monkey off his back. Does it help him catapult this team into that history of being a stanley cup champion? This guy has been denied so long, and what has been a very stellar and entertaining career. I hate to take away the history and the opportunity for the story line of the golden knights, but i think i want to see the capitals do it.

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