The stanley cup finals are in full swing. One game two won one game, and we have to think about who has momenta mme going into game three. And i have to give it to the washington capitals behind the best player who was playing in both games. And that is mr o v ovechkin. He is the best player on the ice. He can do amazing thing, and i see them going up to one of the alternates.

Jeff, one hundred percent agree with you. I think the capitals do have the momentum going into game three, but i think it's shifts back to vegas tonight. Oh, no, there's, always something about a team. I like that's playing with house money, the, you know, pressure on them. They're playing with the house's money. So ovechkin, in the capital's capital, got a lot of pressure on the help ovechkin winning. So i think i think vegas takes tonight and puts pressure on, and i think they win this whole thing.

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