So last night, the camp was pulled off, another win in a row, looking very promise. Like i said, i think capitols gonna take the nights out like i predicted three syria, before he even got hit in the capital's would go all the way. Got the moment i'm going, said the green turtle last night near the capital. One center way, won that game. Everybody went crazy. I'm not a fan of no d c team, but it definitely was live here last night.

Man chef, i'm jealous that you've got to be in the green turtle right around the arena last night. Being that atmosphere. I have a love hate relationship with the capitals being in the stanley cup finals this year because of the first year that i moved over away from that area. So i don't get to be out there. But last night's game was simple. Play fast, play physical and don't do too much. All the goals came on resiliency and effort, and the capital's just gave a better effort last night than the golden knights. And no mo mentum is solely in our corner moving forward.

Yeah, i still got the golden knights i'm riding, you know, once, once i take a horse, i don't change on my horse. I like the underdog. I like the epic story. I like the story line. I like the ability to talk about what has never happened before. I think ovitz getting him, so i think that you, yeah, yeah, i took it, they're taking two games in a row, but then they choke, they choke, and the misfits come back and get him watch.

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