Whoever wanted ovechkin to win the championship, you're inching closer to the russian sniper. Getting his first championship, it's four o in the second seconds about to be over. Now the golden knights are awesome, and they can score quickly and in bunches. But coming back for o in game for not sure.

Look, i didn't pick the caps to win tonight, but i did have them pick in seven just because i'm weird like that. But if i'm quoting right now, i am on cloud nine, because i'm you know, you're one win away from joining the club. Man. One win away from getting your first rain. I know i felt as a lightning finn when we want to cut back, you know, for so the big nine, ovechkin gets his first ring to. It would be a great way to cement his legacy in the nhl, so almost there.

Oh, boys, it great to be in washington, d c our nation's capital, the most powerful city in the world, home of alexander the great ovechkin man, my happier what cloud nine doesn't even describe it. We are one way, one win away from being champions. One win! I'm pumped!

Well, you either engine closer to drinking champagne from that stanley cup or having to go back to the beltway and explain to the folks up in the beltway. Why it is that you still have the distinction of not having a stanley cup when sin city steps up and snake bite you and nibbles away over the next three games.

Battle on SportsMe! Caps are going up 3-1 how happy is @TMQSportsTalk741 😂💍🔥

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