What is going on, guys? It's, luka here from the water bore report. The vegas golden knights, they're down three games to one in the nhl stanley cup final. The capitals are one win away from the stanley cup. Is this real life? I'm actually saying these words, that's, the reality of it all, guys, i want to know his vegas done, i said vegas and seven, i'm not backing off from that pick. I still think that they can push it to the limit and get it done. What do you think? Let me know.

I will say the one thing that you was shot, doctor. Having your favor is. The capitals have blown a three one lead five times and camp, which is just shitty record today. But i will say that the way it's looking it's, like you can't saying, back and now, worst case scenario. Vegas wins the next one, but i think if they go back to the capital center for the last one, did not gone to no. Game. Seven is not going to be a game center in this history repeats itself.

Yeah, i think the most damning stat here for the vegas cool nights is the fact that a team that has gone up three to one in the stanley cup finals has won that finals thirty one times in a row. But vegas are a team that could potentially do it. You can cite the caps, and ability to closer is out in the past. You can cite the fact that the golden knights won this many games in a row multiple times, going through the western conference. They had. They just were missing. Puck luck in game for itt's, a close syria.

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