Shot doctor, we at we at shot. Dr caps is up three one, like, i told you, shot back there. You eaten really good at this cookout. You got all the fixings. Now we need to complete the male fall that's going to show up because he surely a show up last night, but we still want the night's not winning. No three in a row, but it's still in over go caps.

Yes, you have. You cooking good on this from brother. Yeah, but i picked the horse. I had to ride it. No, uh, i went with history, the big history. It'll be caps history. But now i was going with the big history. Inaugural season expansion team wins the stanley cup. Hey, i stepped out there to the steve brody jumped off the brooklyn bridge. Hey, looks like it's going to be cold and deep.

Hey, please don't barbecue without me. I'm pretty sure if you go back in the history of that, i told you, because they the caps beat the penguins, it was gonna be the caps time i'm on board with, you shouldn't go barbecue without made man, because that i wanted on this, or do you? I had to cut, so, uh, yeah, i'll get chef special. You take a rest. I don't care.

Hey, guys!

Battle on SportsMe! #Caps one away from history 😮😮😮@TheShotDoctor where u at the chef is cooking baby

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