Here's. A hot take for you guys. If the capital's choke this siri's to the knights, ovechkin cement himself as officially the most unclench player in the modern era of sports. So this goes like football, basketball, everything. Ovechkin is the most unclench player. If they choke this siri's to the night's, what do you guys think?

Well, gosh, that's, a tough one. Thie worst performer in the playoffs. That i can think of in the modern game is rick nash he's. A guy who's been lauded for his goal scoring prowess, and who has just never gotten had done in the playoffs on always been on the losing end of things. But, yeah, i mean, i think a lot of these lack of championships comes down to sort of structural issues with how the nhl playoffs have shaken out and how they've changed over the course of his career, meaning he's had to go up against the pens in the second round every time.

Today, i would do that right to the man's legacy. But i mean it's, a valid point and it's an interesting take. So i'll give you that. While just i just don't like queen here, you say that he's. Gonna come on is one, probably, and just re. But you till the cows come home, man.

Yeah, i would go over e on the context of it coming out of hockey. But when you said of all sports now that you would take the monkey off his back, because when i was growing up, there was a great hall of fame, a great score. Ah, god, it was unstoppable during his era, but when it came to championships, he was stoppable. He was over eight, and as elgin baylor, that's, right, never won a championship in all the greatness. Owen eight. Worse.

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