D c has just won its first championship since nineteen ninety two is your city has electric? Is mine right now, big, so everyone's pumped up everyone's, rocking the rent. I can't explain it right now, but it is nuts. Everyone is honking, their horns, everyone's going insane. This's, what it's about this is what works is about it's, about these championships. Explain right now, weare going nuts.

Yeah, man, i was chilling that dupont circle last night and eighteenth street lounge and city tap outs. It was live. It was definitely live.

Man of chips countdown headache knows chips count it might not count debates, but they sure do count when it comes to a fan base and a city, and sometimes a territory in the state. But at the end of the day, those championships, they mean something. It means something to the fans city, the economy, whose championships count, they mean something, brother. And it is always nice to see the people celebrate when you found him.

Oh, my goodness, gracious, it looked so live. I wish i was there last night. Quinn, i'm gonna tell you something that i want to see you on tuesday. I'm coming up there for that parade. That's, that's, the rumor date tuesday at eleven a. M i'll be up there for that, we getting, letting that city boy, we're getting lit.

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