Holy fucking shit! This is a euphoric i somebody all, some spoil more fuckers. You get this championship feeling every year. This is another worldly feeling. It is actually our fucking year. I'm about to start crying like a big up twenty three years old. I stop crying like a little child, holy shit!

I had that same reaction when i do like my first big cable. Okay, joke.

You was in line. Ponch. Check. That explains everything.

Double d, i know you. I know how you feel as a game cut, wait, hold and cherish our few championships, equestrian, multiple championships there to men's, baseball, national championships, back to back and then, finally, a women's basketball championship and no other men sports championships. We yearn for it, so and then i'm a lifelong nick and tasting nothing since i was a teen, wow and pump check you and chef. Y'all off to change.


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