This peanut butter is like my pride will have to swallow. But i don't know. Congrats to your caps.

Admit it tastes good, doesn't it? You may not want to admit it, but it tastes good.

Yeah, i'm sitting around eating crow, too. I got caught up in the inaugural season oven expansion franchise, and and what that could have meant, teo, you know, the story lines going forward. You know, it was kind of exciting to know that first time, finally, a inaugural team and an expansion of a major sport could get in there. But, you know, is just a good a storyline and may not go out and carry as much time in the loop as, um, the knights might have. But, hey, i do question ovechkin, no outs.

All right, congrats to the caps as well as a diehard pens fan. You guys did finally deserve it. Uh, went out, went out and got it. Caps were scoring at an outrageous clip this postseason, um, and the fact that they were able to make a lot of really high quality goalies look absolutely silly throughout these playoff runs. Bobrovsky, vassil, levski murray and fleury is super impressive. Andi, i think it's probably better for the league that vegas didn't win in their inaugural season.

Let me tie a v. What went wrong for the vegas school nights is going to probably be the most painful take i have to do on this app. Yeah, not knowing forward about one and all seriousness. Congratulations, caps. I mean, they were of a much better team. Ovechkin deserves a cup toe, cement his legacy as if it needs any more. Cementing, as is, the gold knights will be back, though, with that young court seems likely, at least now, every conspiracy fears. Khun shut up, that the league was rigged.

Battle on SportsMe! @DentonDay little tough to swallow my pride here, but I’ll still take the high road. Congratulations to your #Capitals #NHL

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