Oh, the caps won the stanley cup, and you think that the washington capitals, with one who made out best? No, the one who made up best, was lost. Vegas sports book. Do you even know how much money was bet on the golden knights, possibly winning the championship when they were one thousand to one odds and people put a thousand dollars on it? You know what the golden nugget was about? The pay out. You think the caps are the winners? No golden nugget is the one.

I definitely agree with you, jeff. The caps won the cup this year, and i'm not trying to take that away from them, but what the golden knights did for city of vegas cannot be understated. They brought, they brought legitimacy to this town. The raiders are going to be coming soon. Who knows what other sports will be coming to sin city, but on a side note, i could not help but notice a little golden nugget of your own hanging from the right shot side of your schnoz. They're not trying to be mean, a rude, just thought. I'd point out something funny.

Well, i just gave brandon thirty points, because that was too good. You're right. They just is the biggest winner. At least they're betting system, because they want so much money by screwing over their own fans, thinking that vegas was gonna win. But let's, be serious. So huge. Winner was that comment that brain and just made that was the biggest winner.

The sportsbooks were probably the only people in vegas cheering for the capitals to win, to be honest, but i don't really think it's supposed be all that much. I mean, expansion teams, air usually terrible, and even with the change in the expansion draft rules, people are so expecting gold knights to do pretty badly. So i think some people would probably say it was a waste of money. That being said, the golden knights didn't raise a cup, but they certainly raised this city. I live in vegas, we love them, raiders coming in, we're excited and be a team may be up soon.

Let's, be honest, folks, i'm sure you're all right. I did listen to it because, jeff, when i watched the video, i couldn't stop staring at the bugger you had right there. It was bugging the shit out of me. I'm o c d. So i'll tell you what, you bat in the cave, you have one hanging that's, all i could focus on. I couldn't listen.

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