So i consider myself more of an mba fan than an nhl fan. But that being said, i think the nhl finals had better storyline to the mba finals this year. I mean, look at the capitals and ovechkin winning his first stanley cup. Then look at the golden knights, exceeding expectations as an expansion team. Then you bring it over to the mba, and you have the cab's warriors again and the warriors dominating again. And it's, kind of a boring story line when it keeps repeating. And i wanna know what you guys think.

Thirty points for you for your excellent thirty second tape, agreed with all thirty seconds of your take nhl playoffs. Stanley cup was unbelievable with these two teams that deserved it with an expansion team like the night. And come on. Maybe one of the most deserving winners in ovechkin, n ba same old, same old warriors beating calves once again, this time in a suite.

To me, the finals represented what the nhl is doing, right with parity, what the mba is doing wrong, it doesn't. It doesn't really matter who the most exciting teams in the n b a r it's legitimately six, seven teams have a chance at winning the championship, and we've got the same match up now, four years in a row. That's, a terrible look for any league. Meanwhile, everyone's, expecting the capital, stood show cut some point the playoffs, but they never did, and no one was expecting gold. Nice to make it at all in an expansion team may see any chill, just quite frankly, mohr interesting to watch.

Agreed. Adam silver and the owners. Take notes.

If we're judging solely based off of the finals, absolutely. The matchup that the nhl had this year was second to none. And with the capital's winning, it made me a very happy man. But if we take a broader look into just the playoffs and really just the entire sues, the mba had a ton of storylines. It just so happens that it culminated with the fourth installment off the warriors and the cavaliers. And really, ah, a serious that was more centered on where lebron will go next. That was the issue, the issue.

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