God, where's, all these hockey fans, we have quinn with the capital's thing, and then we got derek with the vegas, and my question to you guys, is what went wrong with vegas, plain and simple. It was experience on the capital side. They've been there before, ovechkin was deserving, and he deserved to finally get one. Vegas is still young, they have law potential, they'll come back.

Hey, that's, my line. I'm just kidding about that, but what went wrong was quite simple. Marc, andre fleury and neon was just asked to do too much. It seems far too often what vegas did was have two guys on the capital's player, but there was another cattle's players writing from and that and washington's. While the best passing teams in the hl, they got perfect pass right on tape, and fleury could do anything about it. Not to mention can you stop leaving ovechkin alone on the power play, please.

All right, so there's. Two main reasons. The first one is obvious. So baskin, when you have the best player on the ice, is easier to win games. And the second reason is, will i mean, the caps just wanted it more. D c wanted it more. I'm not saying this is no knock to vegas now they're a new team, but dc needed this, and ovechkin's will. The capitals will just put them ahead and that's it it's that simple.

I'm offended. I wasn't included in the capital's fan section of this debates this questionnaire, but the answer is simple. It's, not what went wrong with vegas, it's. What went right with d c and for the first time in the history of the ovation era, everything finally click. They skated fast, they played physical, and they took advantage of opportunities. Vegas. I did not do that. They had plenty of opportunities to capitalize that they just couldn't put in the back of the net. And to say that that wonderful, save by hope, he kind of let the air out and set the tone.

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