All right, so i just watch this great video of alexander ovechkin doing a keg stand out of the stanley cup. I thought it was awesome. I know i'm a biased fama dc fan, but i want to hear from you guys, unbiased fan. Is it just me, or is it more exciting? Is it more gratifying to watch alexander a vest and celebrate with his stanley cup than it is to watch the warriors celebrate with their foreign two thousand dollars a champagne, pouring it everywhere i know they're both excited for the championship. For fans, itjust seems better watching ovechkin celebrate.

Look, you gotta understand with the golden state warriors, pretty much all the team is from my generation, and my generation just wants to do it big anytime they celebrate. I mean, in the words of birdman and little wayne, they're just popping champagne like they won the championship game, so you really can't fault him on that. And as for obi, they say, act like you've been there before, but he's never been there before, so you kind of got to give him a pass with ease, epic celebrations, even though i'm not the biggest fan.

Yeah, that video of ovechkin getting lifted and drinking a keg. Al, the stanley cup. Man, that was that was pretty unbelievable. That was entertaining. But i do agree that ovechkin celebration was just more exciting than the warrior champagne celebration, and i feel like that is because it was different, like every single team does this champagne like spring, yet each other and ovechkin's was.

Battle on SportsMe! Ovi celebration > Warriors celebration...what do you all (the unbiased fans) think??

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